Quizzing at Hyderabad

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indias Top at WQC and Mahaquizzer-2011

Indias Top 10 at WQC:
1)Arul Mani
2)Dr. S. Bhattacharya
3)Sankhay Krishnan
4)Samanth Subramanian
6)Rahul Kottalgi
7)Vikram Joshi
8)Gopal Kidao
9)Manu Sudhakar
10)P Srikanth

Indias top 10 at Mahaquizzer:
1)Arul Mani-BNG
2)Anstup Dutta-BNG
3)Swmanithan -CHN
4)Shouvik Guha-KOL
5)Srikanth Parmeswaran-COIM
6)Samanth Subramanian-DEL
7)Jayshree Jayak-KOL
8)Rajiv Rai-MUM
9)Harikrishnan Menon-MUM

Saturday, August 21, 2010

TC Hyderabad 2010-Finalists bring knocked out in round one!!!

TC has been a delight for quizzing enthusiasts like me for years helping me broaden my horizons and get exposed to the world of intellectual brilliance year after year.This year TC has introduced a wild card round for team finishing 6th to 11th in the prelims giving them a fair chance to make it to the the teams on stage but I was surprised to see that the National Finalists and the Students edition international champion bite the dust in round one!!!.Game -Set and Match is over is round 1 set 1!!!

Its like Roger Fedrer and Rafael Nadal loosing out in round 1 of Wimbledon highly improbable but possible if the right draws are not drawm.Isnt it time that TC decides on giving a direct nationals entry to the previous years winners given that the National champion is the best among 2000 competing teams.My heart goes out to the young quizzing lad from Mahindra Satyam who is the reigning International champion of the TC students edition who was knocked out in the very first round too.

Shouldn't the number of teams that make it from a centre that has all the Big wigs taking part be more than one.There a number of new cities added every year which gives the quizzing enthusiast from these cities a chance to be a part of the TC journey but cant a weighted formula be worked out so that the best is saved for the last and doesn't bite the dust in round one?These are some of the questions that come to mind.Shouldn't TC re look at its format of selecting just the top team for a location represent the national finals where the other good teams would have been eliminated in the regional rounds as well?A formula on the lines of Ranji Trophy Plate League and Elite League?


Tata Crucible Hyderabad round 2010-A virtual final

On my way home after witnessing the Hyderabad round of Tata crucible 2010 there were multiple thoughts running across my mind -How often do you witness a quiz that has :
1)Current reigning National Champion 2) The current reigning International Campus edition Champion 3) The 3rd runner up of Brand equity national finals 4)Defending champions from Hyderabad 5)Finalist from Hyderabad on numerous occasions all together in the very first round of a multi city contest chances are 1 million.The quiz was an amazing display of stratospheric quizzing each team matching the other blow by blow taking the quizzing to newer and newer heights with each ques tionsand left the audience gasping with delight and sheer awe in terms of intellectual magic and brilliance on display.

If at all there was a quiz competition that witnessed the final being contested in the very first round it was this years Hyderabad round of TC.Murali and his able partner put to display their sheer quizzing acumen in the round of lateral questions in addition to answering a few tough chest nuts right from the word go ,the reigning champions Vizag steel showed why they were the National champions right from the word go.If at all there is any quizzer who had taken quizzing to a new level when it mattered the most it was JK and Latish from Google.Raghu and Raghuram the 3rd runner up from Brand equity demonstrated what a very well seasoned matured team can do on their day.Niteesh from Microsoft came with his usual quota of sparks of brilliance.A very tough lateral which wasn't cracked by the esteemed and august 6 teams on stage was cracked by our own Business quizzing champ Raja Sateesh from ICICI.But one team that very quietly in their own unassuming Rahul Dravid no nonsense style displayed brilliance,agility and presence of mind when it mattered the most were the eventual winners from Infosys who stunned Google by hitting a last ball six but pressing the buzzer in answering the question on EID Parry's head quarters.

No thriller film could match the sheer intellectual pleasure that one witnessed at TC Hyderabad for that matter the closest that come to match this entertainment ,excitement and sheer pleasure that I can recall from the recent past was the India vs Pakistan T20 finals. Amazing!!! simply delightful Guyz if you've missed witnessing this round you can say you've missed the very best that Tata Crucible 2010 has to offer and you've missed the Finals contested in round one.Cant get better than this anywhere anytime in any corporate business quiz.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Innovative Team names

I had the good fortune of attending this years Greenko quiz conducted by HQC and I must say that the names of some of the team that had taken part were by far the most innovative ones that I had seen in the recent past with the likes of "Mother India hunters " "Bijli Bani Jwala"..and apparently one of these teams called itself "Haseena ka Paseena"!!!! at this years land mark quiz.Some of the more innovative names that come to my mind are "Patna ke Priestlies " the " Head Bangers" only the "Paranoid survive","Chennai 27" and "Swami and Friends".Guess it would be a great exercise to compile all of these innovative names to come up with a all time time top 100Innovative team names list.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Quizzing Championship -2010

I finally could take part in the World Quzzing Championship this year at Hyderabad.It was quite refreshing to take part in a quiz that was free from local bias ,quizmaster preferences a quiz which was a very good mix of all the possible mix and match to enthuse all sorts of people .
It was quite refreshing to know that a non regular at the local quizzing circles steal the show at Hyderabad.
The highest score was a whopping 180 !!! world wide ..


Sunday, May 16, 2010

BEQ 2010-Hyderabad Round

Much to every bodies relief this years BEQ Hyderabad round was held in the comforts of HICC Novetel,providing the participants and audience much needed respite from the sweltering heat wave that has hit Hyderabad for the past 2 weeks.

The Hotel had a decent spread of refreshments lined up.

The prelims had a very good mix of easy,tough and chestnut questions to separate the chalk from the cheese .Unlike in the past Derek didn't announce the score of all the participants who took part in the prelim ..Guess he was running late and had to cover up for lost time waiting for participants to arrive.This unique feature of Derek announcing the scores after the prelims has helped wannabe finalist benchmark against the better ones and has come them come back the next year.Surprising the scores of the 4o odd teams were not announced.

The finals was a battle between the " Men of Steel " vs " Software pros".Vizag steel which has been doing consistently with Mr Murthy and Mr Rahul made it to the stage along with one more team of theirs...Bhilai steel to made it to the top6...Google ( a seasoned team of Lathish and JK( a consistent regional finalist for as long as I can remember)),Microsoft( Niteesh and his partner),and IBM (with Raghu (the KC quizzer) and Ragu ( the legendary TCS finalist at Tata Crucible ) made it to the final.

Unfortunately JWT Mindest the winners for the past 2 years didn't make the cut for the top 6 but didn't go home empty handed and Mr Anwar bagged a handsome audience prize from Club Mahindra.

One thing which is consistent for the past 2-3 years at BEQ Hyderabad is that the winner was somebody who cracked the clincher not because of being a regular at quizzing but has been someone who has seen the world as was the case for the past 2 years (Mr Anwar clinching the quiz for JWT the past 2 years ) and Raghu clinching it for IBM ( with his answer on type of pastas) which only experience can teach you.

Raghu-Sr is a deserving finalist esp due to his never say die attempts at BEQ ..I remember he made it to the top 6 in 2001 with Vishwanath Chavali and just missed the cut last year.Hats off to his undeterred efforts at BEQ he has a very good partner in Raguram Jr a good all round quizzer from KC.

A special mention of Raja satish who cracked the audience question on RGIA theme song ..a very good answer..Murli Duggineni cracked the Ceaser salad answer in the audience.Murli and Rajeev Kondapali couldn't participate as their companies Idea and Mahindra Satyam were sponsors of this event


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prelim Scores not being announced

Ive seen many quizzes being conducted where people take the pains/trouble to travel all the way sometimes braving the elements at times juggling their responsibilities both at work and in their personal lives to take part in the prelims of the quiz .The prelims get them keyed up but the announcement of the finalist turns out to be a dampener leaving the others who've not made it lurking in the dark not knowing where they stand only for the only reason that the Organizers don't bother to announce the scores of teams that have taken pains to be a part of the prelims -the justification being to avoid Controversies (wonder as to why would controversies arise!! in the first place)

Wonder what makes it so difficult to announce the scores esp when all the answers sheets would have been corrected ? (I meant atleast announcing the cutoffscore /scores of finalists would help)
No wonder the same teams make it to the podium.(Killing the enthusiasm of the budding quizzers who go back not knowing where they stand compared to the guyz whove made the cut).

P.S: Clarified a few points raised in this post earlier after getting a comment on this post .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tata Crucible-Campus Edition -Hyderabad

1) Great to see the wildcard round .
2) Good first timers turnout
3)Amazing single man show by the winning team
4) Great to see so many Engineering team make it to the finals
5) Refreshing to see Fresh talent emerge

1) Must say the quizzing standard of the participants was low
2) Not too many audience prizes on offer